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LaNoma Restaurant

LaNoma Restaurant

LaNoma restaurant - Fort Lee, NJ
Fort Lee, New Jersey
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Working with Bricble was a game-changer! Their expertise in architectural millwork transformed Lanoma into a stunning culinary haven. From the breathtaking oak veneer ceiling to the meticulously crafted custom bar, every detail exudes elegance and quality. Bricble’s dedication and craftsmanship truly brought our vision to life. We couldn’t be happier with the result!

LaNoma Restaurant

Architectural Millwork for Lanoma Restaurant, Fort Lee, NJ

A Stellar Collaboration with Yodezeen Architects

Bricble had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with the Yodezeen Architects to transform Lanoma Restaurant in Fort Lee, NJ, into a masterpiece of modern design. With over 12 years of experience in architectural millwork, we brought our A-game to create an inviting, elegant, and unforgettable dining environment.

Crafting the Heart of Lanoma: The Custom Bar

Step into Lanoma and be greeted by our show-stopping custom bar. Designed as the restaurant’s centerpiece, this bar is not just a place to grab a drink—it’s a statement piece that showcases our craftsmanship and attention to detail. Sleek, stylish, and functional, it’s the perfect blend of form and function, setting the tone for a memorable dining experience.

An Oak Veneer Ceiling

Look up and be amazed by over 3000 sq ft of stunning oak veneer ceiling. This expansive installation adds warmth and a touch of nature’s elegance to Lanoma’s interior. Each panel was meticulously crafted and installed, reflecting our commitment to quality and precision.

Comprehensive Millwork Solutions for Every Detail

Bricble’s touch extends to every corner of Lanoma, ensuring that each detail contributes to the overall aesthetic and functionality. Our comprehensive millwork solutions include:

Vanities and Wall Panels: These are not just functional elements; they are designed to add sophistication and style to the space.

Mirrors and Service Stations: Carefully crafted to enhance both aesthetics and utility, making sure every reflection is a perfect one.

Tables and Outside Doors: From sturdy and stylish tables to elegantly crafted doors, every piece is built to impress and last.

Cabinets and Wardrobes: Designed for maximum convenience and elegance, our cabinets and wardrobes are the unsung heroes of Lanoma’s chic interior.

Details That Make the Difference

At Bricble, we believe the magic is in the details. Every element, from the sweeping oak veneer ceiling to the finely crafted service stations, is selected and crafted with care. Our vast experience in the HoReCa industry means we know how to combine beauty with practicality, ensuring that Lanoma is as functional as it is fabulous.

Trust in Our Expertise

With over a decade of dedicated experience in architectural millwork, Bricble has become synonymous with excellence and innovation. Our work at Lanoma Restaurant is a shining example of our commitment to delivering top-notch quality and our passion for creating spaces that captivate and inspire.

Experience the Magic of Lanoma

Lanoma Restaurant in Fort Lee, NJ, is a testament to Bricble’s capabilities. We invite you to experience the seamless blend of artistry and functionality that defines our work. Whether you’re enjoying a meal at the custom bar or admiring the oak veneer ceiling, every detail reflects Bricble’s dedication to perfection.

Come and discover the Bricble difference at Lanoma Restaurant—where architectural millwork meets unparalleled craftsmanship, and every dining experience is extraordinary.

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